Wongo ft Nacho Pop – I’m The DJ

I’m the DJ
I’m the DJ
No, I’m not on the list, you see
I’m the DJ

Me and my crew pull up in activewear
Smelling like that loud cologne from Dubai
It’s just called, “Ooh”
I need 6 Vodka Pineapples
The DJ booth stacked
I see a bad girl over there with something to prove and
Space in her phone for my name saved as ‘The DJ’

I’m the DJ
I’m the DJ

Low-cut t-shirt, check
Blaze, check
Enough hair gel to drown a pelica, chizeck

Lights may glow, gun hands’ll shoot ’em
My thumbs I be shootin’ at my fans, shootin’ love
I find myself tweeting inspirations quotes mid-set
Hashtag bliss, yeah, that’s good

I’m the DJ
I’m the DJ
I’m the DJ

What do you mean you like house music?
I created house music, I am house music
I love making trap, but in my heart, house music
I’m charging my dreams
I got diamonds on my USB’s
Yes, I take requests
No, nothing

I’m the DJ
I’m the DJ
I’m the DJ

Do you know what?
Let’s get to the strip club
I happen to know the owner
This one time I went back to his house
And everybody was naked
And it was like, “Yo, don’t you get sick of this?”
Maybe grab a robe, you’re 60 years old

I’m the DJ

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